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Designer Life is currently a specialist intervention partner with A4e, on the ‘Work Programme’, delivering stress management and wellbeing workshops.

bespoke career and stress coaching programmes for job seekers and  ‘job finders’ on employment sustainability


Specialists in tailor made, motivational and ‘barrier’ busting service; suitable for job seekers and newly employed


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Our service is designed for the Welfare to work sector and aims to help 100's of people into sustainable employment each year. We help you reach your target through our specialised programmes which is a dynamic blend of coaching, mentoring and personal growth strategies.

We believe that the conventional 'careers advice and guidance' is not always suitable to every customer as each person has different barriers and learns and processes information differently.

By offering a blend of bespoke solutions we feel we have the edge on helping turn lives around for the good.

An Empowering & dynamic service to help your customers stay happy, In work and out of work

Life Coaching  | Life Changing  Tel: 0203 002 8895